You Always Have Permission to Thrive! One Membership - Hundreds of Exercises at Your Fingertips, for Your Current State of Mind & Body

Regardless of where you are, or how you feel, never miss a single sweat session, with The Barre ACADEMY's unique, safe & effective fitness programming, now available through an Online Offering! Enjoy "On-Demand" access to The Barre ACADEMY's Integrated Strength Training & Conditioning Program from the comfort of your own home or while you're traveling, with Barre -from- Afar! No Studio Equipment? No Problem! TBA's Barre-from-Afar Strength Training & Conditioning Formatting has been strategically developed with movement patterns utilizing your own body weight, offering Low Impact, High Intensity Training in addition to Stretching & Recovery Sessions.

THRIVE with TBA L i f e S t y l e

What our "ACADEMY S t r o n g" Clients are saying...

" I started Barre from Afar back when it was filmed from the owner's living room! We didn't make it to the studio before it closed again due to the pandemic, but my husband and I could not love this Online Platform any more! As older adults, it's important for us to social distance, but it's equally important to keep our health and wellness a priority. TBA Barre from Afar Membership checks both boxes and is easy enough for us to Navigate through our tablet and living room TV. This membership is a Fantastic Wellness Offering that helps to build a routine of healthy daily habits that every one could benefit from. "

Linda W. - Mesa, AZ

" HeadSpace is so Important and this is the best Membership Service I've had. Through "TBA Barre from Afar" I have daily tools for the mind, and workouts for the body, (regardless of how I'm feeling that day) that teach me the skills to handle stress, negative emotions, and how to take care of my body... both physically and mentally. Where has a Membership like this been?! Thank You! "

Kyla P. - Des Moines, IA

" I had the opportunity to be involved in the Beta Testing of The Barre ACADEMY's new platform back in early July and this is simply the best! TBA Barre from Afar is more than a workout... This Online Program has many useful insights about mind behavior, calmness, nutrition, and quality of sleep... all at your Fingertips, 24-7. I'm hooked. "

Lauren R. - Queen Creek, AZ

Experience The Barre ACADEMY Life-Style

TBA Barre from Afar Membership Platform is accessible on over 1000 devices including iOS devices, Android devices, MACs, PCs, streaming media boxes such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Nexus Player. Are You Ready to Make Your Health & Wellness a Priority? Raise the Barre for yourself... Welcome to The Barre ACADEMY Lifestyle.